Concrete Flooring & Resurfacing Solutions

Whether your concrete floor is covered, damaged, uneven, or has moisture problems, Flatout Flooring has the expertise and experience to bring your concrete surface up to industry standard. Our services in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors include concrete floor resurfacing, mastic removals, surface preparation, floor toppings, moisture mitigation testing and concrete grinding and polishing services.


Flatout Flooring has the appropriate equipment, skills, and expertise to remove all types of existing bonded surfacing from ceramic tile and resilient flooring to mortars, mastics, and adhesives.

Concrete Floor Toppings

Self-levelling overlay systems offer numerous advantages including:

  • Correcting uneven slabs
  • Repairing damaged concrete
  • Providing a smooth and even surface suitable for new finishes

Flatout Flooring offers a variety of products, customizable to your concrete project or concrete resurfacing project requirements. Certified technicians ensure proper application to specification.

Moisture Mitigation

Water Vapour Migration through concrete slabs has proven to be a significant impediment in the construction industry with problems ranging from schedule delays to complete failure of the flooring assembly. Flatout Flooring provides comprehensive testing services and product solutions to mitigate the adverse conditions, as well as experienced technicians to perform the full scope of work.

Concrete Grinding and Polishing

With a wide array of specialty equipment and dust control systems, Flatout Flooring provides solutions for all concrete slab needs. Diamond grinding is a reliable choice for adhesive removals, concrete profiling, or slab deviation corrections. In addition, with specialty retooling and additives, slabs can be honed and polished and serve as a finished flooring product.


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